EAP Solution︰ ARIS SECS Driver


  • ARIS EAP Solution Leverages the power of MS .Net framework to speed up the development and reduce the effort of equipment automation.
  • Fulfills object-oriented working models and provides automation design patterns.
  • Provides remote EAP objects which allow the applications to communicate across application domain boundary.
  • Using XML as the underlying communication message format.
  • Provides XML message marshal and un-marshal model named Transaction.

System Architecture

EAP Solution

  • Equipment Automation Process is designed for performing the request from MES and managing and controlling the process of the devices.
  • Provides programmable custom EAP step library.
  • Allows the users to make the desired automation steps and focus on their needs.
  • Supports one to many devices architecture.
  • One equipment maybe consist of a couple of devices.
  • One device requires a separate EAP step library.
  • Provides adjustable automation scenario definition.
  • Capable of upgrading scenario definition on the fly without shutting down EAP.
  • Provides leveled logging system with various severity.
  • Provides real-time scenario viewer.
  • Tracing and navigating currently running workflow.


  • Provides friendly SECS simulator that facilitates the equipment automation test and EAP development.

Scenario Flow Editor

  • Intuitive automation scenario definition construction.
  • Supports building scenario definition files of EAP.
  • Scenarios are categorized by users requirement.
  • Supports collapsible work area.